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Why Hire a Business
eBook Ghost Writer?

There is a bunch of freelance writing jobs popping up every day. A business owner can not take out time from their busy schedule and can not acquire the eBook Ghostwriting skills required to write an ebook so easily. eBooks bookwriting have become an essential digital marketing tool to boost sales. How do you fulfill this market requirement? Blog articles on the website are not enough. An online ebook ghostwriting holds more information than an on-site article and is an extremely efficient reader magnet in every niche. The solution: You seek out ebook ghostwriting services to solve the problem for you. By hiring a ebook ghostwriter, you get quality content with comprehensive subject matter research, proficient editors to polish your ebook to perfection, artistically creative ebook designing, and all that within your budget.


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With a staff of New York Times bestselling authors, ghostwriters, and former acquisitions editors from Big-5 publishers, we provide our clients with the very best in talent, publishing expertise, & professionalism.

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Our innovative team approach to the book-writing & publishing process offers clients focused attention from multiple industry experts through every step of the process.

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You’ll find that our professionalism & personalized client care stands out among an industry dominated by impersonal outsourcing & publishing services that lack professionalism.

Process Ebook Ghostwriters We Follow




Fill in your contact details in the form at the top of the page. Our cordial support staff will contact you to take in the details of your requirements, the focus of your ebook, the idea behind it, your life story, your inspiration, any reference material, how many words you want, etc.




Based on the details provided in the first step, we will find the right writer for your ghostwriting project from our team of professionals. The ghostwriter works on a chapter outline using those details. Once you approve the outline, the ghostwriter starts the writing process.




With the writing, the communication process also takes off according to your own schedule. Research material is shared, and chapters are sent to you for approval or revision. Approval for each chapter is crucial because revisions affect the course of your ebook.



& Proofreading

After the writing process concludes, the book goes to an editor. The editor works vigorously on the manuscript to polish the ebook from the ground up, going through it word by word. After editing, a proofreader will rid it of errors to make it clean enough to be published



Formatting, Typesetting
& Designing

The final version goes to the publication department, where they give the text document the shape of a book by performing formatting, typesetting, and inner page designing. Simultaneous graphic designers handle the book cover design. Compliance with the guidelines of the publishing platform is also ensured.



& Promotion

Once your manuscript has transformed into a full-fledged ebook with the front and back matter, formatting, cover design, and all the bells and whistles ready, we publish your ebook. After publishing, if you choose, we will continue to market and promote your ebook through multiple channels.

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  • Julie Kirton

    “ The Publishing Legends made my dream of becoming one of the top-rated published author come true. They are top professionals with a lot of creative ideas and took care of everything from finalizing the plot to designing and publishing. They revised the draft a few times till I was 100% satisfied. ”

  • Emily Ericson

    “ I'm always excited when it comes to the book writing process. I like everything about it, but sometimes I get stuck and don't know what to do next. When that happens, I contact my writer at The Publishing Legends and they come up with an idea for me. The process is always exciting.”

  • Barb Hartwell

    “ I would recommend working with them. They did an amazing job. I sent my manuscript to many different editors and publishing houses, but none of them were able to satisfy me and finish it in time. But The Publishing Legends made it possible for me. ”

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There are many reasons to choose The Publishing Legends as your publishing company. We have a team of experienced and professional book publishers who are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.

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